Dr. Ronald Chamberlin performing abdominal and colon surgery with Vietnamese surgeons in Nha Trang

Dr. Karen McGinnes performing first chest surgery in Nha Trang Province Hospital, and going over X-Ray

Dr. Zelikovsky teaching Dr. Son to do prostatic surgery in Nha Trang Province Hospital

In Nha Trang, where I performed several prostate operations with Dr. Son, and observed his surgical techniques needed to improve.  Dr. Chamberlin, Dr. Salem performed abdominal surgery with the local Vietnamese doctors.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

We returned to Vietnam with Dr. Ronald Chamberlin and Dr. Karen McGinnes.  We visited hospitals in Nha Trang and Buon Ma Thuot.

In Nha Trang, Dr. McGinnes performed two open chest surgeries.  One biopsy of the lung, and the other to excise a cancer of the lung.  This was the first open chest surgery ever done in Nha Trang.

Dr. Ronald Chamberlin performed abdominal surgery, operating on a cancer of the large intestine.  He demonstrated to the Vietnamese doctors how to use modern stapling techniques to increase the speed and efficiency of the surgery.

During that time, I performed several prostatic operations with Dr. Son and continued his instruction on use of the urological equipment.

This is a 6 week old Vietnamese baby with a benign tumor of the neck which was presented to us.  The doctors who accompanied me did not have the surgerical knowledge on how to treat this tumor.  I therefore arranged for the child to be sent to Ho Chi Minh City to be treated by a pediatric surgeon there. 

6 week old Vietnamese baby with neck benign tumor

Vietnam February - March 2002