Future Programs

We went at the suggestion of the Border Area Development Association, a foundation made up of retired Burmese physicians and ambassadors.  They identified two Buddhist hospitals that wish to expand their surgical capabilities and asked if I could visit these facilities to give my opinion on how they should proceed. These two facilities are in small rural areas, about five to seven hours respectively from Yangon, in Mon state and Oak Po Kwin Chaung Village. Each of these hospitals have Burmese industrialists who will finance the project.  We suggested the plan on how they can increase their number of operating rooms, expand their laboratory, and blood bank. Each hospital lacked experienced surgeons.

In April of 2017, I will return to Vietnam and am planning to return to the hospitals in Myanmar in October.

I hope to recruit new doctors whom specialize in various surgeries to accompany me so they may demonstrate their surgical techniques for the ever growing staff in Mon State and Oak Po.

Myanmar and Archipelagos, Coast of Myanmar (Burma), March 2016

Present and Future Programs