December 2nd to December 4th, Dr. Franklin Kasmin and Dr. William Brown conducted a symposium on advanced endoscopic surgical techniques using the gastroscope and colonoscope at the 108 military hospital in Hanoi.  This teaching program consisted of three elements:

  • Didactic lectures on state­ of ­the­ art surgical
  • Hands on fellowship training of dozens of Vietnamese sophisticated teaching models.
  • Performing surgical procedures on a variety of very difficult cases.

Dr. Kasmin and Dr. Brown donated a great deal of equipment needed for gastro-enterologic surgery. I donated equipment needed to perform a new procedure on the  prostate.  This is the same procedure that I'm planning on introducing to Hospital E in October.  Dr. Son, who is the Vietnamese urologist that I helped train, was able to perform  the new procedure beautifully.  Dr. Son and the entire surgical staff of the hospital were amazed to see how the new equipment makes the surgery easier and safer.  We all assisted in a number of surgeries without Vietnamese counterparts.

There are three orphanages in Nha Trang which I visit often. I determined what their needs are and provide this if possible. This ranges from providing food, medication, or repairing their plumbing. We've also provided refrigerators and washing machines.

From December 2nd to December 12th, we had a very successful medical program in several hospitals in Vietnam.

During this symposium I had the good fortune to make contact with a director of one of the other major hospitals in Hanoi, named Hospital E.  We had a discussion on prostatic surgery at this hospital.  I was invited to return to introduce new surgical techniques that decrease the need for hospitalization and the complication rate after prostatic surgery.  I am planning my visit to this hospital in October of 2015.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On December 12th, I toured Cho Ray hospital in Ho Chi Minh City with the director of urology. This is the largest hospital in Vietnam and has 2,500 patients and 2,000 beds.  The urologists at this hospital are very capable surgeons but lack certain equipment  that I will try to provide.

December 7th through 9th, we visited the province hospital of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

2014 Vietnam