Dr. Zelikovsky performing open and closed prostatic surgery with the chief of surgery at the local hospital

Dr. Leventhal and Dr. Zelikovsky performing prostatic surgery in Kon Tum province hospital

Then we proceeded to Kon Tum, where I donated the surgical equipment to the designated Vietnamese surgeon at the hospital and instructed him on the use of the equipment.  Dr. Levanthal and I then performed open prostatic surgery demonstrating two different techniques to the local physicians.

Kon Tum, Vietnam

Dr. Chamberlin and Dr. Salem performing abdominal surgery in Nha Trang

In Vinh Long, I donated the urological equipment necessary for prostatic surgery.  And then instructed the designated Vietnamese doctors on the use of the equipment.  Dr. Chamerblin also instructed the physicians at his hospital on new techniques and surgery approaches to gall bladder surgery.  I've performed several prostate operations with the local Vietnamese doctor and Dr. Chamberlin performed several cholecystectomies with his Vietnamese counterpart.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Vinh Long, Vietnam

We visited hospitals in Mekong Delta, in a city called Vinh Long.  We then went to Nha Trang, and from there we went to Kon Tum which is a city near the border of Laos and Cambodia.  We were accompanied by Dr. Michael Salem, Dr. Ronald Chamberlin and Dr. Irwin Leventhal.

Vietnam 2005